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Halloween Food Is Great Fun!

There are many reasons for feeding your dog homemade dog food. One of these is how commercially prepared pet foods came into creation and are still made today. Commercially prepared dog foods did not even exist until the 1930s, when the me read more...

1 week ago

Cooking Beef Stew: Great For Your Body And Your Wallet

My husband and I enjoy participating as home stay sponsors for foreign exchange programs. One of the many benefits from these programs is sharing meals with our guests. It is one of the better ways to quickly transcend any language barrier.


2 weeks ago

Northeast Philadelphia's Nick's Roast Beef

Do yourself a favor and start with a gathering for friends. Hosting friends will take the pressure off of a situation when you're testing yourself. Especially if you're trying a new dish, like cooking a turkey and you've never done it before.
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3 weeks ago

Eating Healthy And Making Wise Choices While Eating Italian

D. Brian's Deli in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota is conveniently located near some St. Paul attractions. This St. Paul restaurant offers many breakfast and lunch menu choices. D. Brian's Deli is a few blocks from the Xcel Energy Center and the Sain read more...

2 months ago

Toddler Recipes That Your Little One Will Really Enjoy

You don't typically find dried beans at farmers' markets, but they can be found locally at Ranch Market or online here. In case you haven't visited a Ranch Market lately, it's a really cool place for all things Hispanic and there are numer read more...

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Ground Beef Recall Today For Possible Restaurant E.Coli Contamination

The slow cooker or crock pot is one of the greatest inventions known to man. With little or no effort, read more...